And So It Begins

So the two people that actually READ this blog know that I pretty much quit posting a while ago. Honestly, I was SO overwhelmed my first year with stats that I dropped it.

But now I’m out for the summer and prepping for my 2nd year of AP Stats. BIG thanks to MizT (see link to “Teaching Statistics” on the right) for taking me under her wing. She’s allowing me to harass her daily for advice and ideas (and believe me – “daily” is not an exaggeration). My preps have narrowed from 4 to 2. My other prep is SO easy to teach that I won’t have to spend much time stressing over it.

Still feeling the pain from falling on my face, I now have a better understanding of my teaching weaknesses. But I’m EXCITED about my stats class next year (instead of terrified).

I’m still having trouble wrapping my head around our “higher ups” and the way things work at this school. Like the fact that our handbook says the kids don’t get the AP weight unless they have an 85 or above (but in secret they give EVERYBODY the AP weight if they’re in an AP class). And they seem to resent how tough our AP Calc teacher is because parents complain so much (nevermind that she’s AMAZING but has zero tolerance for laziness). And we have teachers who seem to mirror the females from the movie “Mean Girls”. Really immature.

Do any of you teach stats on the semester block schedule?

Hope you all have a great summer!!


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