Devil Worship in Harvard Yard (just KIDDING!!!)

I freakin’ LOVE Boston.
My obsession came from attending a conference put on by Harvard’s Project Zero.

Anyway, I was showing Harvard’s campus to my 7th graders on my Promethean board for a geometry lesson via Google Earth. We were talking about the awesome geometry I would see from the hotel to my classes. When we went through a “stroll” in Harvard Yard, I gasped. (This is a normal occurance in my classroom, by the way). I said, “Do you see it?” My students were obviously NOT with me. I took the pen and highlighted the middle of Harvard Yard. “NOW, do you see it?” They were as amazed as I was. Right smack in the center, CLEAR AS DAY was a pentagram.

I thought it was amazing. I wondered if it was a “happy accident” or if it was on purpose (surely the minds behind the design KNEW what they were doing). So I asked around. No one that I know at Harvard (which isn’t saying much – I know three people) has ever heard anything about it or noticed it before. I guess I’m just a conspiracy buff, but it’s just too cool to be a coincidence. And I mean cool in the “Pythagoras” way, not the “I’m going to sacrifice your cat to Satan” kind of way. Or maybe all sidewalks are the polygon version of what we do with clouds when we’re little (“that cloud looks like Uncle Frank’s comb-over!”).

I showed it at a few conference presentations, but now the Google Earth image is “magically” covered by trees and you can’t see it anymore. But it’s still documented on the campus map.

I’m curious – what do you guys think?

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