Peer Pressure To Revive This Blog

So instead of working on my grant presentation for MONDAY, I was somewhat bullied by my tweeps to restart my blog. I really don’t know WHY – I don’t have much mathematically to contribute most of the time on Twitter (which I LOVE, by the way). I like to banter and bounce ideas off of people, but as far as “look at this great idea that I have created”… Not so much. Plus, I am UBER-A.D.D. (hence, the reason my grant presentation is still unfinished).

Next year I’m teaching Algebra 2 (hopefully at least one section of honors stuck in there) and AP Statistics again. I’m super excited about the Stats class. I think by the 3rd year I have it almost figured out. I don’t really worry with Algebra 2 content – I’ve taught that since 1999. I’m really just trying to fine tune it and add some “WOW” to it. I know kids think it’s Satan’s subject.

But there are thoughts rolling around in my head (insert mean comment here):
1. homework (Holy Cheeze-Its!!!)
2. grading (how to still have a life and NOT go crazy doing it)
3. more formative assessments
4. organization (my desk is chaos and freaks out my admin but I know where everything is)
5. AP Stats is in the SPRING this time (time to put up or shut up)
6. I have TWO sections of AP Stats (“Woot!” and “Oh Crap!” at the same time)
7. Documentation for NCLB (good purpose, CRAZY implementation in my district)
8. The new lesson plan template for next year (which no one will look at)
9. REQUIRED essential vocabulary lessons (6 day lesson per word / minimum of 30 words per semester)
10. New dresscode requires UNIFORMS
11. Major Mu Alpha Theta issues (can’t talk about that yet)
12. I co-chair the Robotics team (and don’t know JACK about building a robot)
13. How to stay away from all the “Negative Nancys” without appearing to be stuck up
14. I hate papers/paperwork. They hate me right back.
15. Make more time for MY child (who isn’t doing so hot in school, BTW)
16. I’d like to go through ONE year of teaching WITHOUT my husband wanting to divorce me because of one (or more) of the concerns I have above.

So read it or not, like it or don’t, this is my blog revived.

And sorry about the template – it took longer to pick than it did to name my own kid. So you see what kind of mind you’re dealing with.


One thought on “Peer Pressure To Revive This Blog

  1. Welcome back! Hooray for bullying and peer pressure. You thought you were past that after high school graduation but you were wrong. I look forward to reading your ADD ramblings. Post about stats. I love stats. Oh and assessment.


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