Twitter Mathemati-CON

I am jealous.

Living in the backwoods of the South has one major disadvantage. It doesn’t allow me to get to conferences where most of my tweeps are going. They meet, have math proms, down a few drinks and learn some vulgar sign language. I scowl in envy as I read updates on my phone. I want to learn how to sign “hot dog” in a way that would make my mother cry!

But one thing I realize when I read: most math conferences are BORING. I thought it was just me, but apparently I am not alone. We sit in sessions about “group work” where the presenter lectures for 90 minutes. We hear about amazing Internet resources and are given a 40 page handout (in Comic Sans font – YAY!) and are not allowed to see or experience what the guy in the REALLY bad tie is talking about.

But that’s not what I want. I want a Mathemati-CON with all my tweeps – just to have the ability to hang out and B.S. For example, I want to:
-build catapults with @SweenWSweens and learn some awesome dance moves
-talk about calculus, unicorns and rainbows with @Samjshah
-learn how to curse at my students without them knowing from @jbrtva
-drink a beer with @sarcasymtote as he talks about life
-see @dcox21 in action (as he pulls up to the convention with his 40 kids and the -Swagger Waggon)
-have an 80’s lyrics war with @MSeiler (and pray he brings the Bret Michaels wig)
-talk football with @calcdave and figure out how to find an excuse to watch it during class
-make up more math-almost-cuss-words with @EightFalls (who is no longer @Eightfalls)
-play trashketball against @Fouss
-learn dollar origami from @k8nowak just to hear all the awesome remarks that will come when people screw up – I live for that.
-have a “Who’s more A.D.D.?” contest with @jreulbach
-see @druinok again and flip/throw/shoot some freakin frogs
and meet so many other awesome people I talk to and read about every week!

Do we create our own convention? Do we make plans in 2011-2012 to take over one NCTM conference like a flash mob? How can we make this work?


7 thoughts on “Twitter Mathemati-CON

  1. Come to Cincy and you can get 80s rock and trashketball in one shot! 🙂


  2. I'm still voting a twitter cruise 🙂 I'm sure we can do some kind of PD, right?? 🙂


  3. I already offered my backyard for a lo-tech conference. It's tough for a guy with 40 kids to travel, you know?


  4. This comment has been removed by the author.


  5. Of course my vote is that everyone comes to Brooklyn. But I can be coaxed pretty much anywhere with the promise of Doritos and quinoa.


  6. OMG – I just love this. I can't believe we did it. (Well, Lisa and Shelli did it). I'm so excited. #TMC12


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