Giving Back to Those From Which I’ve Stolen So Much

My title may/may not be grammatically correct. I’m, uh, testing YOUR English skills. I should tell you that my A.D.D. is RAMPANT today so none of this will make sense.

But here’s the main point – I felt guilty last night.

Once again I was stalking my favorite blogs for a great idea to help with inverse functions this week. To be specific, I “super sucked” at explaining how the horizontal and vertical line tests are related with functions and their inverses, but that’s beside the point.

Back to the guilt!

I started looking through the stuff I’d “stolen” from @druinok, @samjshah, @k8nowak, and countless others. I know that’s what we do – we help each other. Problem is that aside from my witty attention deficit disorder remarks (which aren’t that good, anyway), I haven’t CONTRIBUTED to anything. Other than create the AP Stats wiki, I’ve done NADA. And the only thing I DID on that wiki was set it up. Think I had anything really awesome to contribute?? NOOOOOOOOPE.

To right that wrong, I am posting the only “cool” idea that I can find on my computer today (honestly I’m REALLY just trying to avoid grading some quizzes…).

BUT it may suck, I dunno. This used to be my “BIG” project in 7th grade pre-algebra. I have examples (somewhere) on another computer that I will upload as I find them. My equation calendar project didn’t necessarily NEED the length of time I gave the students, but I tried to format the schedule so that they would have more than enough time to finish it. Check it for errors, ask me questions – you know I don’t make much sense the first time around. 🙂 Also, remember that I haven’t taught middle school in A WHILE, so you’ll have to change the dates.

Cool thing is that kids I currently have in Algebra 2 had this project. They’ve told me many times that even though they HATED me during that project, they really felt like they learned how equations work because of it.

Now that I think about it, I am POSITIVE I have some stuff for a “marshmallow projectile” that I could share. If you attended NCTM in Atlanta around 2007, that was me. 🙂


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