Goals: 2017-18

I’ve been struggling on a blog post about #TMC17, but currently I can’t blog about that experience without thinking I need to blog about the other thing that happened. I have very strong feelings on each. Oddly enough, no words will come out for either.

In short, I’m having writers block.

So it’s quite the blessing that #SundayFunday was reintroduced so I could have words to #pushsend about.  Interestingly enough (to me, probably no one else), this is the first time I’ve ever blogged for #SundayFunday.


As “2017-18” Hedge, I would like to take a moment to thank “2016-17” Hedge for that crazy awesome Google Keep list she made in May (probably out of frustration and feeling like a total failure).  Her list included things she needed to keep, things she needed to toss, things she needed to fix, and gaps she knew she would never have remembered two months later.  She listed her notices and wonders. She also reminded herself about her Evernote notebook of “17-18 Ideas” that she’d been keeping throughout her short time back in the classroom.  That list has been extremely helpful in planning my goals for 2017-18, many of which are the standard ones we probably all have. 

So here are some other goals, in no particular order of time or preference:

  • Listen to @graceachen’s TCM keynote (pt 1 and pt 2) again. And again. And again. And share it with my faculty again. And again. And again.
  • Find some way of making #ObserveMe actually work this year.  I’m thinking “visit my classroom = chocolate” might be a good starting point?
  • Spend the first week of class building a thinking classroom, helping students build that culture that being “stuck” is normal (and what to DO about it).
  • Implement the ideas I learned from @cheesemonkey’s morning session in both my classes (@vaughn_trapped did an incredibly thoughtful and thorough reflection of it here).
  • Spend more time with #VNPS – my students wished we’d done WAY more last year.
  • Focus on feedback – shift the focus from grades to learning.
  • Implement ideas I learned from @typeamathland’s sessions on Make It Stick (Take 1 and Take 2). I also bought the book, so add that to my goal.
  • Be an advocate for my students, my team, and my school (maybe use a little “Creative Insubordination” <p. 52> , right @doingmath?).
  • Try my best to do a #180blog. I think my IG acct will be easiest for me (I liked following @mgolding’s class happenings that way), but maybe WordPress? Still thinking that out.
  • Still keep a lot of the first week strategies I used “back in the day” that worked well.
  • I want to do MathCounts and VEX Robotics this year. I miss both of those terribly. Thankfully I’ve got teachers who are interested in doing that with me.  And I’ve scored an additional archery coach.


But most of all, my goal this year is forgiveness.

For whom?

For me.



I’ll keep you posted.





3 thoughts on “Goals: 2017-18

  1. Thank you for your honesty, your grace and your energy. Loved reading this, but most of all love knowing you! Here’s to 2017-18!


  2. What a fantastic list of goals! I can’t wait to hear about your year…including your Creative Insubordination! 🙂


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