Happy 2018, y’all.

I’m a dork who almost spent $15 on a gradebook, so I spent 15 minutes on Excel instead – here ya go.  Nothing special, but might save you some time (or a few bucks).

I can’t quite explain 2017, so I’ll let Chandler do it for me:


If you know me at all, imagine this: I’m about to watch the Celtics play the Cavaliers and I’m NOT rooting for Boston.  WHAT THE HECK, 2017???

So my “one word” for 2018 is this:


I know what you’re probably thinking… “Uh oh. She needs to have grace for the people she wants to high five in the face with a chair.”

Not exactly.

(Forgive me, but I’m about to talk in third person for a bit so I can get through this.)

2018 is the year for me to finally give Hedge some grace so she can:

  • remember that she’s human.
  • remember that she can’t do “all the things”.
  • forgive herself for her infinite failures.
  • stop comparing herself to everyone else.
  • realize it’s okay to fail again… and again, and again.
  • also realize it’s okay to be invisible.
  • figure out who she is (she’s 43 in a few days – it’s about time she did this).
  • let go of a lot of hate… mainly aimed at herself.
  • [some unspoken thing that she isn’t brave enough to publish yet]


And maybe some of us might be willing to have grace with each other. Maybe try to remember that what we do isn’t easy and we are ALL going to mess up at some point.  Maybe try to talk directly to those we disagree with instead of subtweeting and/or calling them out without warning and humiliating them.  Maybe try and remember that some of our fellow #mtbos/#iteachmath folks are living with issues/trauma/illnesses/circumstances we cannot possibly imagine.

I hope to have that type of grace with people this year because that is the type of grace I hope people might have with me.

In any case, I truly hope you have a great 2018.

I miss you all.

hedgehog hi


5 thoughts on “Grace.

  1. One hundred thousand AMENS to this.


  2. Wait a minute …. not rooting for Boston?
    You okay?


  3. Sending you much love for it all, Hege.


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